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Welcome to our Kindergarten

In 2024 our programs operate as follows;

  • 4 year old Kinder: Tuesday and Thursday 8.45am – 4:15pm (Kinder only or with before and after care available)
  • 3 year old Kinder: Monday and Wed 8.45am – 4:15pm and 8.45am – 4:15pm (Kinder only or with before and after care available)

This allows parents the flexibility to select days that align with their family schedule.

At North Edge Kindergarten, we foster an environment that empowers children to cultivate confidence in their abilities. We recognise that a healthy self-esteem forms the bedrock for embracing challenges and developing resilience—essential attributes for a seamless transition to school life.

Our curriculum strikes a balance between teacher-guided activities and child-led exploration. We curate small group experiences and engaging projects that evolve over time, ensuring a holistic developmental experience.

To learn more about our kindergarten program and how it caters to your child’s unique needs, we invite you to schedule an informal discussion with our kindergarten teacher. Contact us at your convenience to arrange an appointment; we’re here to support your child’s educational journey.

North Edge Early Learning

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