Why Choose Northedge child care

Nursery—6 weeks to 2 years

Our nursery room is designed to create a warm, homely environment.

We understand that all young children have different routines and needs. Our educators cater to each child’s specific needs such as meal times and sleep times.

At Little Grommets Early Learning Centre, we also offer spacious indoor and outdoor areas. These provides young children with the opportunity to freely develop at their own pace.

Kindy—3 to 4 years

Our Kindy environment continues to foster children’s autonomy.

Kids here can choose where and what they play with. The educational program is designed around their interests and learning activities, with a high focus on play.

Toddlers—2 to 3 years

The toddler room is designed for children to learn and develop. At this age a child’s independence really starts to develop, and they want to try everything with a little help needed along the way.

At Little Grommets Early Learning Centre, we have the time and space for all children to develop at their own pace. From toilet training, to getting dressed themselves, we provide an environment that supports children to grow in all areas of development.

Pre-school—4 to 5 years

At this age, we encourage children to be more autonomous and independent. We work with them to help develop the skills necessary for the next step into fulltime school.

Our key focus is social and emotional development, with literacy and numeracy integrated through play-based experiences.

Children’s voices and ideas are respected, and we work with them to develop the educational program. We aim to provide children with the skills necessary for school, and also the skills necessary for life.